Thursday, February 1, 2007

Writing a simple Axis Web Service

If I am going to be doing any real BPEL development. I really have to be able to make my own web services. I basically stripped out the BPEL and JSP components of the loan approval example.

I created a simple java class that will be exposed as a web service:

Web Service:

import java.util.Date;

public class SimpleWebService {

public String simpleCall(String someString)
throws SimpleWebServiceProcessFault
String response = null;
System.out.println("Calling "+this.getClass());
//do some business logic
Date now = new Date();
response = "*"+someString+"*"+now;
catch (Exception e)
throw new SimpleWebServiceProcessFault("simpleCall", e.toString(),"99");
return response;

You then have to update the service.wsdd file to expose it as a web service:


Something like:

< name="SimpleWebService" provider="java:RPC">

< name="className" value="">
< name="allowedMethods" value="*">


The ant build creates a simplewebservices.wsr and copies it to the /bpr directory

Calling the web service:

Service service = new Service();
Call call = (Call)service.createCall();
String urlString = "http://localhost:8080/active-bpel/services/SimpleWebService";
call.addParameter("someString", org.apache.axis.Constants.XSD_STRING,ParameterMode.IN);

String result = null;
result = (String)call.invoke(new Object[] {"My Call"});
catch (AxisFault af) {
if (SimpleWebServiceProcessFault.hasMagicFaultErrorCode(af))
result = "99";
result = af.toString();
catch (Exception e) {
result = "unexpected exception seen: " + e.toString();

System.out.println("Client result = " + result);

Basically taking the input argument and returning it dressed up with some asterisks and the current time.

Sample run:
Client result = *My Call*Thu Feb 01 20:13:33 MST 2007

You can download the sample simple web service bundle here:


Anonymous said...

is there an easy way to deploy the simple webservice that u r providing as a zip file.

Can it be extracted and the entire folder copied to webapps of the server to make the sevice available?


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