Saturday, August 30, 2008

Powerpoint ITIL Presentation

I have recently done some research into ITIL including the reading of Foundations of IT Service Management Based on ITIL V3 by Jan Van Bon, Arjen de Jong, and Axel Kolthof.

ITIL is a very broad level topic about IT services and how to approach them.

I did make a brief high level powerpoint presentation on an Introduction to ITIL.

This presentation may be downloaded from Here

It is a basic high level presentation, it is difficult to present the topic without getting lost in the depth and breadth. This presentation just presents a little background and a little overview of the lifecycle phases in Version 3.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Service Oriented Architecture with Java

I recently read “Service Oriented Architecture with Java” by Binildas CA, Malhar Barai, and Vicenzo Caselli. This book, available at, provides a look at some of the tools in the java world that can be applied to support a Service Oriented Architecture.

There are 6 Chapters in all:

Chapter 1: The Mantra of SOA
This chapter reviews basic tiered architecture, EA and the basic points of benefit of SOA including better integration, business agility, asset re-use, increase ROI

Chapter 2: Web Services and SOA
Practically all current SOA implementations now are built upon web services. XML over the Http protocol is covered. Representational State Transfer(REST) is covered. Main java implementations of web services are introduced including JAX-WS 2, Axis2, Spring-WS, and XFire/CXF 2.0.

Chapter 3 : Web Service Implementations
Code is presented for getting a web service up and running in JAX-WS2, Axis2, Spring-WS, and XFire/CXF 2.0 The coded examples are very easy to follow and can get a developer up and running quickly.

Chapter 4: Data and Services – All Roads Lead to Enterprise Service Bus
This chapter reviews JDO(Java Data Objects) as an alternative to JDBC along with sample code and examples. Service Data Objects(SDO) are covered as a way to abstract data within and SOA. Apache Tuscany DSO is covered with an example. Service Component Architecture(SCA) is described along with a Tuscany SCA java example
Benefits of MOM and ESB are also covered. OpenESB is covered as an open source option for implementing an ESB.

Chapter 5 – Traditional Integration Technology
2 Case Studies are presented showing the advantages of an SOA based architecture over that of EAI.

Chapter 6 – Goals We Can Achieve with SOA
Loose Coupling, Reusability, Seamless Integration, Return on Investment(ROI)

All in all this is a pretty good book. It’s focus is definitely to provide information on a SOA implementation in a java oriented environment. This book covers the basics of the open source options to getting java based web services and infrastructure. I would strongly recommend this book to those trying to do open source SOA implementations in java.