Monday, March 12, 2007

The Vendor Selector ActiveBPEL BPEL process

Vendor Selector BPEL process

I finished the ActiveBPEL process I was working on from the ground up. This was part of a project I am working on for COMP 689(Advanced Distributed Systems) at the University of Athabasca. I have one course this summer and then a Thesis to write in the fall to graduate from the Masters of Information Systems program. I would like to do research in the area of SOA. That is why I proposed this idea for this course's project.

It always seems like a fair bit of work to get that first application working in the new environment. It always seems very simple after the fact :-).

My advice is go all the way with the ActiveBPEL Designer. Work through the from the ground up tutorial to build the loan approval example.

Vendor Selector BPEL process:

1 BPEL process (Coordinate the workflow)
2 Vendor Web Services (Provide quotes and allow purchasing of products)

This BPEL process helps facilitate the purchase of up to 3 products and 3 quantities. There are 2 vendors each with 2 methods, one to provide a bid price on the tender and another to actually make the purchase. The BPEL process will query both vendors then select the vendor with the lowest price and then call that vendor to actually make the purchase.

The BPEL and Web Service Clients are included in the Java source under the package

I will provide 2 versions of the application.
1. With a MySQL 5.0 backend database (Available here)
2. Another which does not require a database (random bid quotes produced along with hard coded security authentication) (Available here)

My preferred setup:
Install ActiveBPEL Designer
Install Ant
Get a Java 1.5 jdk
If installing the database version of the Vendor Selector:
Install MySQL 5.0 (if using the database version)
and the MySQL java db driver


Anonymous said...

The links to either version of the application do not seem to work

Collin Smith said...

I fixed the typo in the link, try again.