Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Scrum has started

Well, I finished writing the final exam for COMP 689 - "Advanced Distributed Systems" last Friday. It was an interesting exam and I will find out in a couple of weeks how it went.

Also had some good news, I won a scholarship for last years marks in my Masters program.

I won a Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship Awards
It was nice but there is much still to be done, I have one more course then I am to start my Thesis Essay in the fall.

Back to work topics, we have started to follow a Scrum process. It basically is the Scrum 15 minute daily meeting along with charting progress in the Scrum Backlog.

The backlog is powerful in providing an instance picture of progress in the project. We kept the estimates of individual task items to 2 days most. I am one of the four developers in the project. We are currently above the burn down chart. This is okay as scrum is a learning process.

Today I did not get what I wanted finished but 2 other developers finished 2 days work each that day. So that means that it was a great day for the team. The feedback and tracking is pretty instantaneous and I can see how greater visibility into team progress is given using the burndown chart.

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