Tuesday, July 3, 2007

TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework)

Well, I did receive Open Group's TOGAF 8 2006. Looks like a solid read with little fluff. Maybe a little like when I read the PMBOK but more interesting!

What is TOGAF? (The Open Group Architecture Framework)

TOGAF is an achitecture framework - The Open GROUP Architecture Framework. It enables you to design, evaluate, and build the right architecture for your organization.

The key to TOGAF is the Architecture Development Method (ADM) - a reliable, proven method for developing an IT enterprise architecture that meets the needs of your business.

It mentions that it can be used in conjunction with the Zachman Framework(of which I need to read up on), which has an excellent classification scheme, but lacks an openly available, well-defined methodology.

"The TOGAF ADM defines a recommended sequence for the various phases and steps involved in developing an architecture, but it cannot recommend a scope - this has to be determined by the organization itself, bearing in mind that the recommended sequence of development in the ADM process is an iterative one, with the depth and breadth of scope and deliverables increasing with each iteration." (p. 30, TOGAF 8)

ADM (Architecture Development Method)

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