Monday, September 3, 2007

Getting started with JSF 1.2 & Tomcat 6

I wanted to start dabbling with JSF and the latest JDK and Tomcat versions. I have an idea for a website that I want to create. To gain skills and knowledge in JSF seems valuable to me.

I had seen that myfaces 1.2 came out and tried to get it working but ran into some JSTL tag issues. gives a tutorial on how to get Tomcat 6 and jsf 1.2 running together.

Basic downloads to get started
Java JDK 1.6
Tomcat 6
Sysdeo Plugin
This plugin allows you to start and stop tomcat from within Eclipse which is a feature I like.

Proof that you can run jsf 1.2 on Tomcat 6

An excellent book that I am starting to go through the examples
is Core JavaServer Faces by Geary & Horstmann.

I successfully got the first example to run properly, something that I was
not able to do with the latest myfaces 1.2 and Tomcat 6.

Example code from the book can be found at

Earlier this year, I built a website using myfaces 1.1 and Tomcat 5. That was nice but jsf 1.2 is the more current version and I want to migrate towards that.

Now that I have it set up, I can start working in JSF 1.2 and all that it

I did try and set up the Chapter 8 Tiles examples from and ran into some JSTL tag issues.

The following link helped resolve that

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ChrisWebster said...

Hi I'm trying the same thing, I've got it all working but I've hit something of an issue, have you tried using a selectManyMenu bound to a value in a backing bean using f:selectItems? when I hit submit on my form it blows away the contents of my menu! It doesn't happen if you set up the jsp/f page using f:selectItem only binding through selectItems