Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dynamically updating CSS Style attributes

Just having a little fun with CSS style attributes and came up with a demo page to demonstrate javascript dynamically changing the attributes of some text on the screen.

Click here to see.

The javascript/CSS that makes this happens is:

var DHTML = (document.getElementById || document.all || document.layers);

if (!DHTML) return;
var x = new getObj('divtext');

document.getElementById('divtext').innerHTML = text;
x.style.fontSize = fontsize;
x.style.color = color;
x.style.fontFamily = fontfamily;
x.style.fontStyle = fontstyle;
x.style.fontWeight = fontweight;
x.style.backgroundColor = backgroundcolor;


function getObj(name)
if (document.getElementById)
this.obj = document.getElementById(name);
this.style = document.getElementById(name).style;
else if (document.all)
this.obj = document.all[name];
this.style = document.all[name].style;
else if (document.layers)
this.obj = document.layers[name];
this.style = document.layers[name];

A little break from SOA and EA Frameworks :-)


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