Sunday, March 16, 2008

Enterprise Architecture Framework Applications towards SOA

I am in the final stages of completing my Thesis requirement for my MSc. in Information Systems at Athabasca University.

I am working through the final signoff but the latest version may be downloaded Enterprise Architecture Framework Applications Towards Service Oriented Architecture

A large challenge facing today’s enterprises is the integration of their own disparate systems to be more competitive and react more strategically to market opportunities. Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) is a style of architecture where the use of reusable and discoverable services are used as components to meet business requirements. The promise of SOA is that the use of these services will allow the organization to increase business agility and reuse of software components. There are some challenges to implementing a SOA. One of the challenges is to present view from the enterprise perspective. Typically, projects take only a view of individual business unit without concerns for the entire organization. Enterprise Architecture(EA) describes the current business and IT processes and how they map together. The two most popular EA Frameworks, Zachman Framework and The Open Group Architecture Framework(TOGAF), are designed to help the organization clarify the current IT Architecture and help provide a roadmap to the goal or future IT architecture. It is with the enterprise view that these frameworks provide that SOA can be supported towards a more successful implementation. There is work underway to determine the relationship between SOA and EA. Whether by clarification from industry experts or direct modifications of the EA Frameworks, EA Frameworks are being used to help implement SOA. It is through the enterprise view and architectural tools provided by the EA Frameworks that SOA can be supported.


bluesky said...

Thanks for sharing your early version of valuable thesis. Could I see final version? When ? Many thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...
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hendra said...

thank you for sharing your hard work......, thank again

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