Monday, May 12, 2008

EA and Integration Summit

I got back from the first day of the Enterprise Architecture and Integration Summit in Calgary May 12-14th. There were lots of interesting topics, considering of course if Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, ITIL, TOGAF and other methodologies interest you!

I recently finished my Master's Thesis which involved SOA, Zachman and TOGAF and how they can work together. The conference was much more entertaining. The first keynote was John Zachman and he revealed the new Zachman Framework 2 and handed out the new 6 x 6 matrix diagram. Check out for info on the new framework. It is very similar but they went to work with some linguists to make sure there are "no adjectives" in the matrix. They wanted it to be more rigorous and easier to understand(clearer and "brushed up").

After John Zachman spoke, I had a chat with him and thanked him for his work on the framework. I was able to pose in a picture with him. He seems to be very friendly and no nonsense. Most of his talk was the view of "Architecture is Architecture is Architecture", the instance of the system is not architecture itself.

The funniest moment was when he displayed the IT problems they faced in 1965 and compared them to 2008. They were identical! Also, he showed a slide that showed all of the technologies that did not solve the problems: COBOL, Fortran, mainframe, client server,......, agile programming, web services, .NET, SOA. Technology does not solve these issues. Architecture is important.

Other talks I found interesting were Stan Locke talking about the new Zachman Framework, Bill Dupley spoke of HP's harnessing of ITIL for better management. It was pretty interesting and looking forward to tomorrow's session as well.

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