Sunday, January 21, 2007

ActiveBPEL Designer

I received a license key for the ActiveBPEL Designer(3.0.1) tool and installed the Designer. To get the key you have to submit some personal information and they send you a link to the license key, some case studies, and links to the support groups. The installation went smoothly and no complaints.

You can get it Here

There is a "loan approval" tutorial where you build the BPEL workflow from the ground up using the ActiveBPEL Designer interface. I have done some tutorials where code does not work but this one was without a hitch.

The ActiveBPEL Designer is built on top of Eclipse and also comes with a Tomcat server within. So you will have to change your CATALINA_HOME environment variable.

From techinitiatives

Active BPEL Tutorial(Loan Approval)

Part 1: Starting a New Process
Part 2: Planning and Designing a Process
Part 3: Adding Web References
Part 4: Using the Operation Activities and Properties
Part 5: Adding Process Activities and Properties
Part 6: Adding Fault Handling
Part 7: Adding Compensation and Correlation(This is actually an empty step)
Part 8: Simulating the Process
Part 9: Deploying the Process
Part 10 Running the Process on the Server
Part 11: Debugging Your Process on the Server

I am pretty new to "Web Services" and SOA. This tutorial did not have any incorrect information or missing steps. This is something that I appreciated greatly.

I made a BPEL process from the ground up(minus the partner web services and client jsp however). But this is a good step into BPEL. I liked the GUI alot and was impressed with the simulating and debugging features. Just getting started but I like what I see so far!


Pritesh Sheth said...

Nice blog friend, well i m more interested in having a look over an tutorial or if u know anywhere i can find some tutorial videos or a walk through......

would be grateful to you, you can catch me on

thanks a ton

Anonymous said...


well my key is expire for bpel designer 3.0 and even i want to make the bpel process from web service and then access from the client.

will you help me how to do that,.

you can help me on