Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Web Services Platform Architecture"

I just finished "Web Services Platform Architecture" by Weerawarana, Cubera, et al. More background into my web service exploration. The first book I read was Service Oriented Architecture(Erl). There is alot to know in SOA and the only way to do it is dive in and get reading. I feel that I am getting more comfortable about WS-*(the new specifications).

This book concentrated on the major WS specifications.

Some of the chapters were on WSDL, WS-Policy, UDDI, WS-Metadata Exchange, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Transactions, WS-Security, BPEL.

Why the Web Services effort will succeed?

-unprecedented level of vendor support
-consistent focus on solving core technical problems
-composeability of the specification set
-pragmatic specification development process(p. 388)

"The Web services platform(as SOA) is designed to suppport real-world automated business interactions in which functional and non-functional requirements are much more demanding than in simple Web access to enterprise applications." p. 381

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